Friday, December 6, 2013

san diego snow days;)

We don't really see the white stuff out here, unless we trek up to the mountains, but the 2nd graders can still create it in a winter landscape:)

We looked at the work of Japanese artist Kazuyuki Ohtsu for this landscape project. I shared landscapes that he has created that show different seasons due to color and the details included in them.

We focused on the woodcut below for our investigation of 3d space and 3d volume. (Art 1.3 & 2.3)

Students helped me identify the facts of the image, the things they saw in it. I pointed out the shadows in the work and we talked about how these shadows turn a flat shape into one that looks more real and 3d. We also looked at how shapes got smaller as they go further back in the landscape.

Before starting the hands on activity, we took a look at the fall landscape we made weeks ago and students helped me identify differences between the 2 pieces.

We drew out the landscape together, lightly in pencil, and then added color step by step so they could see how shadows add to the realism of their drawings.

Students completed a 2 question exit slip at the end of the activity. (2W10) Reflecting on how they made things look real and how this drawing was different than the fall landscape. I kept the facts and key vocabulary posted up front for them to refer to. (2W8) If students were not sure how to answer, I asked them to talk to a buddy.


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