Monday, June 23, 2014

getting close to a celebration!

Our 27th annual Celebration of Art is this Wednesday! The art team is in super high gear right now, getting everything ready for the big night. I was running on coffee and diet coke today. Things are coming together SO fast. The auditorium was empty except for the blank display panels on Friday, and the panels and many of the wall spaces are now filled:)

As well the art show taking place on Wednesday, we will have about 10 art activities for our students and families to try out. These are led by our wonderful classroom teachers. Our teachers also put classroom sets of artwork all over campus, so that each of our students is represented on this special night.

We also do a art sale/ raffle. I've got a few clay cacti and pots in the kiln right now. I've also got a few blank skate decks I'm going to decorate tonight and tomorrow. I'm pretty stoked about these extra projects I got cookin:)

Stay tuned for a post in a couple days with photos of the completed display and the night as it unfolded.

Until then, wish us luck!

Go Zamo!

through the window you can see our 5th grade legacy mural from 2012:)

getting ready to play:)

so far... (each one will have 1 or 2 colors inside the shapes:)

these 2 vases are the first clay forms i've made, in like, 10 years, 
when I stopped doing it as a side biz. felt good!


  1. Beautiful!!! Have fun and get some sleep! Is that digital art pixelated pieces from that game the kids are playing these days (said in my old lady voice.) Minecraft?

    1. Thanks, Erica! Those side projects are keeping me busy until later in the night, but I'm doing my best on the sleep part:) Anyway, it's a good tired, right? It's great to have the energy (and the deadline looming) to be creative in the evenings after school. And yup, minecraft selfies, but I like to think of them as figurative abstract geometric self portraits inspired by the popular culture of the day(said in my stuffy art historian voice;)