Monday, July 12, 2010

Popsicle time!

This year our art magnet rotation teachers broke our schedule into trimesters. We had 12 weeks each with k &3, 1 & 4, and 2 & 5. We could then meet with classes on a weekly basis. That's why all the posts are from 1st & 4th so far. Its what is freshest for me, since I worked with them last.

 After doing a 4th grade project based on Alex Eben Meyer, I wanted to find one of his images to do with the 1st grade classes I was working with. I found a popsicle illustration that he did that I thought the kids would get excited about.

I was not disappointed. When I introduced the Alex's illustration I was greeted with a collective shout of "POPSICLES!!!"
They're enthusiasm carried through the whole length of the project. The students created a collage that had drawn on elements to it. They used a black crayons to make shades of colors on the bottoms and sides of the popsicles, so they looked more 3d.

1. intro to Alex's work, color families, overlapping, and tints/shades
2. draw one popsicle on one of 3 sheets of paper that are from the same analogous color group
3. slide the other 2 sheets underneath and cut all 3 out at the same time
4. fold a smaller brown piece of paper in half and draw 3 popsicle sticks- cut them out so there are 6
5. glue popsicle sticks onto popsicle bodies
6. add pencil lines on pops to make them more 3d. this gives them more perspective- front, side, and bottom
7. glue pops in place on larger white paper, making sure to overlap at least once to make the scene look more real. like they are stacked on top of each other
8. lightly shade the sides & bottoms of the pops to make shadows
9. trace over pencil lines to make contour lines stand out like they do in Alex's original

Thanks to Alex for inspiring 2 student projects!

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