Monday, July 19, 2010

traced. trace. tracing.

One of my first artistic memories takes me back to 1st grade, when me and a friend would trace countless photos of the members of the band KISS out of magazines his older brother had. Getting lost in the details of Gene Simmons monster boots, those things were SO wicked... I then took them into class and told my teacher that I had actually drawn these pictures, not traced them. Hmmm.

Heather Hobler has done some interesting drawings by "simply" tracing images from different sources and composing and layering them on paper.

I have used her work as a project to introduce the element of line and the principle of variety in art.
Students use a variety of periodicals- entertainment weekly, sports illustrated, national geographic, home & garden, etc...

Students approach the drawing in 3 steps-
1. trace around 7 to 9 images with pencil- some of these could be the same image repeated
2. trace around 5 images with a fine tip black marker
3. trace 1 to 3 shapes with a thick black marker

Students create variety by using lines of different thickness and value.
Students create a focal point by using thick bold lines in only a couple areas, and these shapes stand out against the thinner lines throughout the rest of the drawings.

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