Monday, August 23, 2010

ms. james

Yellena James is an artist working up in Oregon who creates works that remind me of the garden scene in Willy Wonka's factory. There is a fluid play in her use of line and shape.

I have found that Yellena's work provides an interesting introduction to contour line, natural shapes, and the use of color and line to create pattern in art. Her imagery and use of elements can be inspiration for a wide variety of skill and grade levels.

You may also discuss her use of tints of colors to add variety to the patterns she uses on her natural shapes and have students apply them to their own drawings.

1. after an intro to Yellena's work, students create contour line drawings of fictional plant forms- in pencil first, then traced with black marker
2. students may alter the thickness of the lines to add visual variety
3. students add pattern to the natural elements with colored pencil, pressing softly to make tints of colors
4. students add a loose pattern in the background to create a sense of wind or water

Our 1st and 3rd grade classes have both done this project. I think the biggest difference between the two is the added complexity of the patterns incorporated in the images.

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  1. I love her work! I also enjoy reading about your teaching/projects. I may create a variation on this one for my design class. Are you familiar with the "7 motifs" by Adolfo Best-Maugard? The book is called A Method for Creative Design. Picked it up at the Walter Anderson museum in Ocean Springs. Did you ever go there? See his work? Fantastic pattern and design!
    You have inspired me to possibly do a blog spot. Not sure when I would find the time but... :)