Monday, August 30, 2010

pork medallions?

New York based artist Rachel Beach creates playful, abstract sculptures. These painted wood sculptures use shape, line and color to implied and actual space. They can fool the eye of the viewer.
By using diagonal lines she makes flat parts of the sculptures look like they recede in space. This optical illusion is enhanced by her use of tints and/or shades on these particular areas.

Students think these are pretty cool. The abstractness of the shapes provides a low stress entry into making something look 3d. They get a kick out of the "trick" of the medallions. I have noticed a definite feeling of satisfaction among students after they have completed their versions using shape, line, and color to trick others who view their work.

1. after viewing and discussing Rachel's work, draw a large circle using something to trace or a compass
2. draw an interesting abstract symbol in the center of the circle. it may have symmetry or asymmetry
3. add diagonal lines, that are equal in length and point in the same direction, from each of the corners of the inner symbol. if the diagonal goes outside of that inner symbol, do not keep it in the final drawing- erase it.
4. connect these diagonals with lines that are parallel to the edge that it will become the "back" of. the image should now look 3d by using simple isometric perspective
5. add to the realism of it by using color and various tints of that color to make light and shadow effects on the sides of the 3d symbol
6. color the face or front of the symbol. 
7. cut around the outside of the circle shape and cut out the inside of the symbol shape
8. hang on a wall or mount each piece on a larger color square

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