Saturday, October 9, 2010

something old. something new.

I haven't done this one in a couple of years, but it is still one of my favorites. It was done with 3rd grade classes, but could be adpated to almost any grade level.

This one is all about shape. Positive and negative. Natural and geometric.

This project is a combination of the Woodstock music festival logo with the visual stylings of Dora Drimalas, from the design team of Hybrid-Home in San Francisco.

The balance between the things (positive shapes) and the empty parts (negative shapes) in an artwork is integral to its visual success. Despite how well drawn an image is, if there is too much negative space the image could fail.

The students and I discuss positive and negative shape relationships in the work of Ms. Drimalas, as well as  her use of both geometric and natural shapes in her designs. Then they get working using collage to create their own image.

Even though the students' work revolves around the same image, there is always an interesting amount of variety in their work due to the details they add and the shapes of the birds they include.

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