Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a bit lost.

Another project that was inspired by an artist I found on the Pikaland illustration blog.

Chris Haughton is an Irish illustrator and he published his first book this past year. It's called A Bit Lost. It's a great one for the younger kids.
I read the story to the 1st graders and we looked closely at how Chris created motion in a couple scenes by using dot patterns. We also talked about how he created layers of space by overlapping shapes in his illustrations. The students picked up on a narrative pattern that Chris employed throughout the book, which I thought was pretty cool. They are identifying patterns in a variety of media and content areas.

The kids loved the story. A lot of laughing took place while we were going through it.

Once we read the book I guided the students through making a collage based on the above key scene from the story. We focused on overlapping, 3d space, cutting skills, and implied motion, 

We worked our way from the the back of our collages to the front. Everything was cut paper except for the details on our owls and the motion pattern that depicted the owl's path from beginning to end.

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  1. Chris was kind enough to write me and the first graders back!

    WOW!!! that is so great!!!!
    im going to do a post on my blog about that. wonderful!!

    I LOVE them...
    the colours, the expressions and the dot patterns... really very well done.. I may have to use those new colours as inspiration for my new book!
    poor little owl has been getting a LOT of bumps. bump ... bump... bump! UH-OH!!!!

    thank you so much to all the first graders..!

    and thanks so much for the email and blog post

    very best wishes

    He also posted about the students' work on his blog. Its under the news tab at his website.