Sunday, July 24, 2011

the sky is the limit.

Another school year is in the books. A crazy, hectic year that was full of interesting stories and amazing student work and creativity.

To wrap up the year with our 5th graders that are moving on, we did another public art project with them on campus. Ms. Kathi and Miss Danielle came up with a sky's the limit theme a couple of years ago, so I created a drawing based on that theme. 

We got the go ahead from Principal King and last Monday I was drawing it out on a 24' wall on our north campus. Once it was drawn out 5th grade students rotated through for the next 6 days to add color and life to a beige wall. Each student was able to work for about 20 minutes on the wall. With over 200 5th graders we need to keep moving students through, so they all get an opportunity to help beautify the campus and leave a permanent positive mark on our school community.

The kids did an amazing job. Some were up on ladders, some were way down low. Some stayed clean, some got painted on. Some were chatty, some were quiet. 

I love doing these projects with our students. It feels so good to transform a space with color and design. I can't wait to do the next one. although I will enjoy my summer break first!


  1. Yo, DMasse,
    Are y'all on a trimester schedule? You JUST ended your school year? Crazy! Love the mural and am very impressed with the 5th grade student's dedication and hard work. Must be nice to have those spaces to paint on. Here in the Midwest, it's either too hot(as in NOW) or freezing cold(come November). As always, you continue to inspire me so keep it up!

  2. This is great for kids on so many levels. It's a living example of what teamwork can do and it leaves a lasting improvement for the school they are leaving. But best of all it is a constant reminder to them of their experiences at the school. We have murals at our school and each one has always reminded me of fun times. I know how much effort goes into the planning -- kudos to you and the 5th graders!!