Friday, May 4, 2012


I'm trying to upload new pics for a post, but I got a message saying my picasa web folder was full and I would need to purchase a monthly storage plan to add more memory. Any way I can get around this without having to pay each month???

Any help would be appreciated.


  1. There was some talk about this on Barbara's Thought for the Day blog the other day. Her post title was "Trouble in Blog Land" (
    There might be something there that would help you. I am curious to hear what you figure out because I will be facing this soon I think:))

  2. OK, so you've got me thinking. In looking at Picasa Web it appears that we are limited in two ways: 1) a maximum of 1GB of memory and 2) a total of 1,000 photos in an album. This first issue, that of size can be rectified by resizing the photos using Picasa's built in edit program. I've been doing that little, by little for the last week and reduced my mb from over 800 down closer to 500. (any photo under 800 pixels on its longest size doesn't count towards the 1GB limit, as I understand it) The second issue of the number of photos in the album seems to be harder to resolve. I have considered going back and deleting some posts, starting with my least favorites or editing older posts, eliminating some of the pictures to keep that total under 1,000. This may be a summer project, or, as now, something to do while I'm watching TV:))

    The puzzling thing to me is that my Picasa Web acct. seems to have one album, identified with an orange blogger symbol, with most of my blog photos in it and then a few random albums with 3 or 4 photos (which are also in blog posts). I have no idea how these random albums got started, since I did nothing different when I uploaded those photos to my blog. I have looked for a way to create other albums like this, but don't see a way to do it. It appears that Picasa automatically just loads the blog photos into that one main album. I am also not sure whether buying more storage would solve problem number #2. I see that it would allow me more GB, but it doesn't say anything about extending the number of photos allowed in that blog album.

    I don't know what would happen with photos if I started a new blog associated with my same g-mail account. If the photos for a new blog would load into a new Picasa album and start the count all over again, that would seem to solve the problem (sort of). What do you think???

    1. I don't think starting a new blog with your same acct would help. I think if you get more storage the number of photos, as well as the amount of storage, would be greatly increased. They have to go hand in hand if we are purchasing more... i think:)

      I'm willing to pay if it comes to that, but I don't know where the others on the link you sent were able to re-up for 5 bucks. It looks to me as if it is $2.50 per month for 25 more gb. I figure it took me almost 2 years to fill 1 gb, this would last a LOOOOONG time.

      AS for reducing the size of files- I kinda like the nice big hi-res ones when you open them up. It really serves no purpose other than me liking to see a nice clean image no matter the size.

      I don't want to really delete any of the posts i have on here. If i did they would be ones that were short and sweet (not so sweet- i.e. lame:) and there wouldnt be much file space saved.

      Thanks for the feedback and link christie. Let me know if you find anything else out.

      All this stuff NEVER even occurred to me until I couldnt upload pics today. Damn intertube!

      shine brite!

  3. here is how you'll never have a limit. from picassa, choose whatever pics or pic you want to upload. click at the top on create, then choose upload to blogger or you have a second option which is choose create collage. If you click upload to blogger it opens up directly to your blog. If you choose create collage, your pic opens up in a new screen and once you have it the way you want it click publish to blogger. you never have to put anything into web albums.

  4. Seems like we're having the same problem at the same time:(
    I was going back and forth about buying storage, too, but 2.50/month is not for me...I tried Gabriela's shortcut and it worked and it was super easy. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to re-post this short cut on my blog for anyone else who wants to go this route. Happy blogging! Barb

  5. :( Wah. I'm back...Sad news is that when I actually posted using Gabriela's method (mentioned above) the photos looked like they were loading, but didn't publish, so I went back to what worked for photos to less than 800px. I use photo-shop to adjust levels and crop my photos anyway so re-sizing is not a big deal for me. Maybe someone else has a better solution.

    1. thanks for the additional info. wonder what was up with that??? I was able to do another post after the "incident", so i'm putting off thinking about it until i run into the problem again... probably later today when i go to post again;)