Thursday, June 7, 2012

lift off...

with Justin Mezzell.

I have had a few of Justin's images saved on my desktop for a while. There's a real strong retro feel to his work. I like the types of shapes he uses, very clean and sharp. I also like the mystery that surrounds the subject and settings in some of his work.

I met with a second grade class today that I didn't meet with last week, so they had not done the roadrunner desert landscape. With one of Justin's images we were able to investigate similar elements about 3d space and volume.

We looked at a few of Justin's images from his website and the kids thought his stuff was pretty neat. They were really digging the outer space stuff, so when I told them we would be focusing on the piece called Lift Off, they were very enthusiastic:)

We looked at how Justin creates 3d space through value and color changes. The shapes in the front are very light and the shapes in the back are dark. Students noticed that some shapes like the rocket and rocks looked 3d because of his use of light and dark.

I also introduced the concept of symmetry in art by pointing out that a number of shapes are mirror images of each other from left to right.

Students drew out their designs in pencil and then selected 3 colors plus white to add color to their drawings. In order to create a change in color value, students had to adjust how hard they pressed the crayon to the paper. I asked that they use white for the smoke in the front, but then they could put the other colors where they wanted.

The examples below are from just the one class. Mrs. Tooley's students did an excellent job with the project. I'm looking forward to doing it with a couple more classes tomorrow.

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