Tuesday, June 12, 2012

zamo reception at viva!

25 3rd grade students from Zamorano Fine Arts Academy had an opening reception for their art show at Viva Pops in the Normal Heights neighborhood of San Diego on June 8. Students, families, teachers, and friends were streaming in and out of the shop on Friday night. There were plenty of smiles, hugs, and fist bumps going around throughout the reception. 
The students received a free popsicle from the store owner Lisa Altmann for their hard work and creativity. A portion of sales from the opening reception will be donated to the school’s PTF to help Keep the Arts Alive!
 The project was inspired by an image by artist Lisa Congdon and the delicious pops that Lisa makes. Students focused on pattern making and creating symmetry in their designs. They also applied tints and shades to their cut paper pops to make them look 3d against the decorative pattern background of their projects.

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  1. Congrats! The show looks great and I love the proud smiles:) This Viva Pops place looks very cool. Where can I buy a notecard?!