Friday, September 14, 2012

wayne's world.

I have always loved Wayne Thiebaud's work. The composition, the repetition, the color palette- it all pulls me in. He has been painting for a LONG time. He'll be 92 in November and he still pulls two shifts in his studio almost everyday. I can only hope that I am that creative and productive if I'm lucky enough to make it here on earth that long!

Wayne is most well known for his paintings of dessert items, but he has also created many wonderful landscapes. Some are urban and some are more rural and agricultural. I shared a few of his rural landscapes with my 1st graders this week and we talked about his choice of subject matter, his use of contour line, and his use of pattern.

In this project my goal was to introduce students to how line could be used to define space and shapes and how it could be used to make pattern. I also touched upon the use of size and color value to create depth in an artwork. 

The drawing was executed in three easy steps- contour lines in pencil, trace the lines with marker and add patterns to our fields, and add color to the landscape with crayon. Easy peasy:)


Great job kids!

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  1. I love these! I know he is most famous for his food but his landscapes are beautiful! Its refreshing to see his other work showcased as inspiration for a student project! Thanks! :)