Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a little more line.

The first 3rd grade project required 10-15 minutes of the 2nd class period I met with them to complete. That gave us about 45 minutes to do something new.

We looked 3 stained glass windows by Lightworks in England. I asked the classes if these designs looked 3d like the landscapes they had just completed or if they looked different- flatter. I asked them what kind of lines they saw and what kind of line they did not see a lot of.

Students got that the glass designs looked flatter, and I showed them how the lack of converging diagonals in them made the designs look this way.

We also quickly talked about the use of tints and shades and how you you create them in a drawing.
The students had used tints in the landscape drawing they just completed, and some students had made shades of colors to create shadows in their drawings.

I emphasized that even though the new drawing would look a lot different then the landscape, the students would be using some of the same technical skills. Plus, both drawings used a heavy dose of contour lines to outline the shapes,  no matter whether those shapes looked 3d or flat.

Students drew 5 vertical lines first- each one a different length than the others.
Next they added color using one of 3 color families- I threw in a quick introduction to analogous colors too.
The final step was to use a black crayon to trace their contour lines.

Bada bing, bada boom.


  1. Somewhere in my file of "things to try" I have an image of these stained glass windows. Love what your students did with the idea!!!

  2. OOHH!!! I really love these! Love the lines and color! great lesson! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Excellent - so effective, with the added bonus of being quick to prepare and to clean up! Thanks :)