Thursday, October 25, 2012

more sugar!

I was very impressed with the drawings made by the one 1st grade class I had yesterday, but after reflecting on the process I decided to make the drawing a bit easier for the rest of the classes. I found another painting of candy corn by Shawn Kenney.

Shawn's composition viewed the corn from a head on or from the side. It eliminated the need for the many angles that the class used yesterday. The shapes are just softened triangles. Instead of pointed corners, they are rounded.

The rest of the exercise is the same. The use of light and dark to turn a flat shape into something that looks round and 3d. I have done this with 2 classes so far and I think the students are doing a great job. They can focus more on color mixing, overlapping, and the use of light and dark.


  1. These are brilliant. I am ITCHING to do something related to the Halloween season without doing Halloween....make sense? Gotta try this out!!

  2. 3-Dimension, perspective, AND shading with 1st graders!! Love this! As always, out of the box and fun.

  3. D,

    These are AWESOME!! I like them so much more than the first batch. They show value and depth and the contrast of colors against black are striking. Nice work!