Friday, February 1, 2013

all together now.

The final piece of the 3rd grade Lu Summers quilt project was to have early finishers color their styrofoam plates one more time and contribute it to a a larger 3rd quilt image. The biggest we could go was 20x30 and that accomodated 17 student plates. Three of these so far, with probably enough for one more of equal or slightly smaller size. I had student helpers at recess and lunch recess help me with the printing of these larger stamps.

I wish I had larger paper:)

These are like the Goldilocks and the 3 bears to me. One is a little too wet, one is a little to dry, and one is "just" right.


  1. So cool! I am definitely pinning this for the future!!

  2. Gorgeous Don!
    I also have problems wetting the paper to just the right dampness. We end up going back over the dried prints with oil pastel.

  3. Fantastic!! I'd frame a print and put it on my wall in a heartbeat.

  4. Really nice, I like all 3 of the stages you posted. When you did this big one, did you wet one section at a time? Did putting more water on smudge what you had already printed? Thanks for the tips, cuz I'm trying this one fo sho!

  5. thanks ladies!
    Rina- haven't tried oil pastels. I have them add needed color with the markers. A different media would be interesting:)

    Hope- We did it all in one shot. I put a loop of tape on the back of each plate to secure it to the table. I put registration marks on the table as well. The paper was wet once and sponged and then laid on top. This way we didnt have to worry about the marker reactivating and bleeding.

  6. Interesting. I like the idea of taping the plates to the table.