Monday, March 25, 2013

reusin and recyclin.


I've been sick for a stretch, so it's good to be back pushing these buttons:)

The 3rd graders just finished putting together some interesting collages that were loosely inspired by the abstract wallpaper designs of Colette Clark, who runs Timothy Sue designs up in the bay area.

The focus of the project was to create an abstract design that had some shape repetition in it. The main difference between the 3rd grade interpretations and Colette's designs was that the 3rd graders had to use pre-exisitng materials for all of their design. The students got to dig into the large collection of National Geographics that I have in my classroom for this project.

The project was pretty straightforward. Students collected areas of color for the background and then glued them in place. They then added shapes made out of text pages to contrast against their brightly colored backgrounds. This was a project I thought would be done in one working period. However, I did not account for the students being fascinated by so many of the photos as they were collecting colors:) So be it. It turned into a lesson that everybody finished in 2 periods. It was interesting to see how engaged they were with the material as they gathered pieces for the project.

Of course, there were a couple students who went off and did their own thing:)


  1. Very cool!! The shapes the kids created remind me a bit of Kim MacConnel's art, too!

  2. Christie- I totally see that now! Love his work. He teaches right here in SD.