Friday, May 17, 2013

in the tube.

The 1st graders and I looked at the work of artist David Hale this week. We focused on one wave work in particular. The kids told me what they saw in the image- shapes, colors, lines, and subject. I then talked about how David created movement in this one by simple adding a few lines to tell the viewer the direction the surfboard and wave were going.
This lesson was mixed media in nature. When we used crayons to add skin color to the surfer I explained that the crayons were easier to control in small areas than the tempera paint. When we added paint to the waves, I explained that it was easier to fill in large areas with a wide bruch full of paint. I also showed them how to create light and dark colors by using more or less water with their paint.

When we drew out the surfer body, we did so with general shapes first. Then, students could go back and add details to make theirs different than their neighbor's:)

The students had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks for the inspiration Mr. Hale:)


  1. Excellent work, these have so much action in them!

  2. What a fun idea; I like the wave-shaped paper!

  3. Like Phyl, I love the way the paper is cut in the shape of the wave -- really increases the feeling of movement!!