Thursday, May 23, 2013

kimmy's words:)

I shared a couple of posts about the 4th grade clay faces with Kimmy Cantrell and he kindly took a few minutes to offer our students encouragement and some food for  thought.

I love what you did with the kids, and I always love watching how kids interpret my pieces, and put their own spin them! They really made me smile!!! It's a wonderful compliment that you have them use my work, as the subject of one of your art projects!
Tell them that I love them, and try maybe incorporating some other materials, to make them even more interesting, and to see how some materials compliment one another!
I just put up a new facebook page, (CLAY BY KIM), and I'll make sure I use your bog on there, to share with my new facebook friends!

I actually just finished doing a little artist visit with some 3rd graders here in Atlanta, who did similar project recently! Their teacher (Jodi Bricely) invited me to speak with them, after they finished their project!
Keep up the great work, and keep me posted on your future adventures!


Here are the last few Kimmy Cantrell inspired clay faces that the 4th graders did.

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