Monday, June 24, 2013

getting ready for a celebration.


We've been organizing and setting up for Zamo's annual Celebration of Art since last Wednesday. The official shindig is this Wednesday from 5-7 pm. The auditorium is shaping up nicely. It's always cool to see how it all comes together.

Our classroom teachers are swapped with trainings, grade level meetings, and teaching, but they are getting their class displays together on windows and boards located on our south campus.

Materials are getting organized for art activities to be led by our classroom teachers the night of the event.

People are out getting donated items to raffle off to raise funds for the art program. 

Busy, busy, busy...

Here's a sneak peek:)

Stained glass and silk scarves done with Miss Kathi.

My Matt W. Moore/ Georgia Gray install is coming along.
More to add:)

Miss Danielle hard at work under the fashion projects she did 
with our 5th graders.

Stay tuned! I'll post pics from the event Thursday morning.


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