Friday, July 19, 2013

5th grade legacy mural 2013.

The 5th graders just completed the annual legacy mural at Zamo!

I got to work with many small groups as they left a positive mark on our school with paint, colors, and brushes. All the groups did a fantastic job on the wall:)

This year I also had a group of student volunteers from high schools near and far, to assist with the mural. They were great helpers on the project, cutting in edges, replenishing supplies, and cleaning LOTS of brushes.

The mural was inspired by a project Miss Kathi did with one class of 5th graders. That project was inspired by an art gallery painting done by the late James Rizzi. I modified the design a bit, to make it more manageable for the time we had to paint. Some of the individual panels in the mural were inspired by student panels create for that project with Miss Kathi. Others were inspired by projects the art team did with our 5th graders throughout the year.


  1. What fun!! I especially love the way the black and white floor "leads the eye" back to the rest of the painting!

    1. I am so proud to know an art teacher of your caliber, D. Your students will never forget the experience you provided for them nor will they ever forget you! Awesome mural!

  2. I love the idea of letting the fifth graders do a mural. It seems like a wonderful way to create art and for kids to all work together. The mural turned out amazing. I love this idea!

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