Monday, September 2, 2013

back to school eve.

We welcome students back to our school tomorrow morning:) It should be another fantastic year of learning at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy!

My room change is about 85% complete. I'm pretty excited with the rearrangement of the physical space, the elimination of clutter and supplies I wasn't using, and the addition of a few learning centers for students who finish early. 

I have a lego building center, a choice learning center that will have a few handouts to guide students in a structured activity based on the day's content, a laminated Mr. Potatohead collage center that students can rearrange and use as drawing inspiration, and a reading center. I do have one old Mac in the class that I would like to use as a center too. It will feature links to appropriate art websites that students can work with.

The first week of school I will be on a modified schedule as my rotation partner comes back to the site and gets her space planned for learning. I will be working on an upper grade collaborative installation that focuses on unity and variety. This year I will be using the art of Lea Anderson as the inspiration of this project. In past years I have used the work of Lee Gainer and Georgia Gray.

Here are a few pics of the new setup in my new classroom. It's kind of bare bones at the moment, but it will get a bit more colorful as the weeks progress.

The exit slip area is right next to the door. I'm planning on using post-it notes throughout the year.

I'm going to get a small carpet and a couple pillows for the reading center.

My corner. There is a kidney shaped table between this area and the reading center that has my cutting board and an area for one on one interaction. My word wall is right above this kidney table.

The lego center. This was a big hit at the end of last year. I would like to get some of the lego "base boards" for kids to build on.

The choice center, Mr. Potatohead collage center, and computer center have locations, but are not dressed up yet:)


  1. Hey hey, looking good! Have a great first day - can't wait to see what y'all have cooking this year. Love the Zamo Create poster.

    1. thanks hope:) it feels great being back in the classroom!

  2. Awesome Don! Your students are lucky you provide them with so many choices. That LEGO center sounds awesome!
    My only new 'free time' activity is an origami center. I have a couple of books, xeroxed handouts in plastic sleeves, origami paper in square plastic boxes.
    Good luck this year in your fabulous new space.

    1. the origami centers sounds great:) origami is one of my weakest areas... maybe i could use your center;)

  3. I would love to see some pictures of the Mr.Potato Head activity! Sound great! I love all your ideas for centers!!!

    1. I'll post some pics in the next week:) i'm glad you like what you see. I'm looking forward to a terrific year!