Friday, September 20, 2013

making faces

The first graders continued their line practice this week when they created drawings that were inspired by the abstract faces of French artist Didier Triglia.

We started by reviewing the 3 things line can make from last week. Then I explained that we would be using line to make shapes and patterns again with this lesson, but there might not be movement involved. I introduced them to contour lines and we looked at how all the shapes in our rocket ship drawings from the week before used contour lines to outline them.

I shared a few of Didier's face images with the class and we talked about fiction and fantasy because his faces certainly don't look like "normal" faces:)

We identified the facial features that were present even though the face looked different. We also identified patterns and a little bit of movement.

We drew our faces together, with students free to make choices every part of the way, in terms of shapes and sizes. Once the drawing was completed I directed the students to make at least 3 lines thicker. I asked them to think about parts they wanted to stand out more. Students then added at least 3 patterns to their drawings as well.

Color choices were up to the students. I showed them how to create light and dark colors by pressing soft or hard.

So much character in these drawings!

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  1. I'm a first grade teacher. I've never had an art teacher in my school, so I'm it. I just found your blog and pinned several projects. Thank you!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First