Wednesday, October 2, 2013

kinder trees- the minimal, modern kind.

I shared a print by Eloise Renouf with the kinders this week, as we continued our work with line. Last week they outlined shapes with line, this week they were to make patterns with it.

Students identified that it was a picture of trees and that the trees were not all the same. We then talked about what made them different from each other. The kids got a lot of the differences- the shapes, the sizes, the colors, and the designs.

I then showed them an example of what our project would look like, because it would be a little different than Eloise's. Again, students identified the shapes and colors used. I talked to them about what patterns are and how you need to repeat things to make them. They would need to use lines to make patterns in their project.

This is a collage project. It's always interesting to see where the kinders are in terms of their cutting skills at the  beginning of the year.

I start by passing out the squares and rectangles. No cutting involved here, but I ask them to place the shapes on the paper where they would want them to go. I then pass out a sheet that has the circle and oval already drawn on it. Before even passing out the scissors I use the doc cam to show them how to hold a pair of scissors and how to turn a piece of paper when cutting instead of their scissor hand. 

I have to say, the classes that I have had this week have rocked it with their cutting skills. There were a few kids that have needed assistance with holding their scissors and opening and closing them, but I have been impressed with how many kids have got it. It's not like this every year:)

Students then get a rectangle piece and we draw a big letter V to make a triangle shape. Once all the pieces are cut, students arrange them on the white paper. I model how to open and use a glue stick correctly- showing them how to leave the pieces on the backing paper while gluing instead of putting them on the table to do so. This eliminates so much sticky mess from one class to another.

After each step I have been removing the tools they will not need for the rest of the project. We then draw out tree trunks and line patterns for branches on each of the trees. I emphasize the different types of lines during this part- thick/thin, curved/straight, solid/broken, long/short.

I really like the way these have been coming out. Of course, I also like looking at small groups of them too. I like the wider landscapes created in these small groups.

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