Thursday, November 7, 2013

bees up above.

This week the kinders are working with shape and learning about location in art and nature. I'm using an illustration by Brooklyn, NYbased artist Melinda Beck for the lesson.

I quickly review our project from last time and talk about how when you cut & glue paper shapes in art, it is called a collage. I tell them our new project will be a collage too.

I show them the image below and ask them to look quietly at it and think about what shapes, colors, patterns, and characters they see. As students share out, I write their responses on the board next to the picture.
Then I ask students to count certain parts with me, I point to the shapes as we count and I write the number of things next to the word on the board (KCC5). The last thing we look at before starting our project is where things are in the picture. Is the grass at the bottom or the top? Are the big bees below the grass? Are they beside the grass? Are they above the grass? (KG1)

Students glue the grass at the bottom of the blue sheet. They make a hive with a U shape cut from a square. They cut their semi-circle bees from a rectangle. They add details and patterns to the characters and the setting.

When they are done, I have the students complete an exit slip for me:) They trace the letters of the words for practice and fill in the 2 blanks dealing with counting and location. I model this for them and leave my example on the screen so they can see it while they are working.

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