Thursday, November 14, 2013

building, building, building...

This year I decided to create a few centers for students to go to if they finish a project early and they have been respectful in class. I have a drawing center with prompts, a pattern center, a block center, and a lego center.

It's great to reward students with a choice of different activities when we meet. The lego center has been a HUGE hit. I need more space and more pieces:) It has been really interesting to see what kids come up with. I have students coming in at recess and lunch recess to work. I love that it fosters spatial reasoning and creativity at the same time.

Here are a few of the creations that have been built. Students may put a completed form on a shelf for a day, but after that, they get taken apart and the pieces go back into circulation.

 I don't have any mini figs, so a couple kids created their own.


  1. I wish that blocks and legos were still a part of classrooms. Kids learn so much about space, angles, etc. from building with them.

  2. I have both blocks and legos in my classroom when students finish projects. Students just love building with them. :)