Tuesday, November 19, 2013

down below.

Last week the kindergarten students continued working with shape and describing the location of things.

I started the lesson with a quick review of the shapes and location word we used in our bee collage the lesson before.

I used the work of Japanese children's book illustrator Yusuke Yonezu. He has done many drawings of animals. When I shared these images from his we talked about how animals are natural shapes. Yusuke's drawings are easily recognizable for the students and they have a childlike charm about them, too. I pointed out that some of the animals are small, some are medium, some are big, and one is the biggest of all.

When we looked at his blue whale I traced the whale shape with my finger and the kids saw that it was an oval shape and when I traced the spray they identified the triangle. The students were able to tell me that the spray was above the whale. I then introduced them to "below". The whale is below the spray in this drawing, just like the floor is below our feet, or like we are below the ceiling. (KG1)

We then drew our own blue whales in 3 steps- the whale body in pencil, filling in the whale body with oil pastels, and counting and making water drops with oil pastels. When we did the spray, I showed them how in each row of drops I added one more. Simple addition and counting. (KCC5) This created a triangle shape of spray above the whale.

At the end of the lesson, students completed a sentence frame, practicing their letter forms and filling in the word of the day- below.

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