Monday, May 5, 2014

put a ring on it.

The 2nd graders are checking out the work of Erin Inglis this week. Instead of multiple pieces of jewelry like the 5th graders, they are focusing on making one piece while continuing to focus on analogous colors like they did with their Erik Abel inspired skateboards from last week.

We are reviewing the analogous color families at the beginning of the lesson and then we take a look at how Erin repeats simple shapes in her designs to create interesting forms and patterns.

The kids are loving this project. It's quite interesting for me too, as I am not used to creating such small, intimate pieces with my students. I need to think of cool ways to display the jewelry work. It would be neat to have some mannequin hands and heads to show off the various forms...

In order to make the rings, I have been cutting 1/2" by 5" strips of plastic and cooking them. I then wrap the soft strips around the end of a marker. I should probably be wearing gloves because that stuff is hot! (I can see my wife shaking her head as I continually get my fingers toasty;) After the kids make their ring piece we hot glue them to the band.

Many more to come, but I had to share these from our first day of ring making.


sketching at least two ideas.

that bear has some bling:)



  1. Always cool and cutting edge! Love your innovative ideas!

    1. thanks mary! keep up the great work yourself:)