Thursday, June 26, 2014

celebration of art 2014 edition!

Well, another wonderful Celebration of Art is in the books! The Zamorano campus was jam packed with so much art appreciation and art activity all night long (well, from 5 to 7 pm;).

The art displays in the auditorium and all over campus really showed our school community why our school is so special. It's always a treat to see a year's worth of work presented the way we do it. It's a time for us to celebrate and reflect on what we do as teachers and students.

Our classroom teachers did some really great projects with their classes that were hung around campus and these same teachers led 12 different art activities for our school community to participate in last night.

Our tireless PTF team rocked it by selling tickets to the activities and various raffles, with all the proceeds going to support our art program's supplies and positions.

Our fabulous custodial staff got the campus ready for all the action last night and made sure all of our last minute needs were met.

In all, this event goes to show why Zamorano kicks some serious butt;)

Proud kids all around:) 

I think the 3 photos above may be my favorite of the night. I love his excitement:)

 Fashion projects with Miss Danielle.

 Batiks done with Miss Kathi.

 The portrait wall.

 I included a number of writing samples with projects from each grade level this year.
Common core, baby!

 2nd grade digital photo collages done with Miss Danielle that played with scale.
So awesome.

 Back to the Street!


Miss Kathi pulled out some retro black light flavor;)

 Our orchestra starting off the festivities. 

 Van Gogh style sunflower drawings inspired by the ones 
Mr. Perez and his class grew in their garden!

 Mr. K rocking the pastel Picassos.

Watching the magic happen at the shrinky dink station:)
It never gets old!

 Mrs. Idos and Mrs. Reed kept the selfie station going all night long.
(Thanks to Zach at Thomas Elementary and Hope at Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists for the idea!)
Some old guy stopped by the selfie station too;)

Principal King got pixelated:) Thanks again for the idea, Hope!

Our fantastic art team (Ms. Vance, Miss Danielle, MIss Kathi, and a guy who likes wearing silly shirts) with our equally fantastic administration team (VP Mr. Nitzel and Principal Mrs. King) and Board Member and art education supporter Marne Foster!

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  1. Wow, that is some kinda show! Congrats to you, your team, and your students. A shrinky dink station even! I really want to do a black light project now ...