Monday, September 29, 2014

monster blocks are in the house!

I added another element to my choice sculpture center this week! Stack & Scare blocks from the design team of Invisible Creature. I first saw these things on an instagram feed I follow called "daily monster". I did a tiny bit of digging to get the lowdown on these blocks, and immediately ordered a couple sets for my classroom.

The blocks have different features and designs on each side, so you can keep reconfiguring them to create a wide variety of creatures. They are now available to work with when students have completed their project, reflection, and have cleaned up their area. My sculpture choice center now has slotted cards to build with, these monster blocks, and a balance mobile game called "Suspend".

I still have the ever popular Lego center, but it's great to have more activities available for kids once they have finished their class projects. I do plan on using these monster blocks as the inspiration for a couple projects dealing with geometric shape, so stay tuned for a future post or too:)

My kiddos were more than happy to take the blocks for a test drive before the blocks went in to school:)

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