Friday, October 31, 2014

day of the dead portraits and what some lazy art teacher wore today.

The 5th graders have been working with shape the past couple of weeks. Last week they focused on creating a symmetrical border design for a portrait and this week they moved on to making shapes look 3d by using curved lines and shading.

The inspiration was an image by a Mexican illustrator that goes by the name Mostacho. It was part of a series of 100 portraits in 2 months that he was working on.

Most of the kids did a nice job with the project. As the week went on last week, I made a couple modifications in materials and size that made the project more manageable. I had the first class construct their character out of cut paper, but that was taking too much time. I also scaled back the size from 12x16" to 10x15". It seems like a small amount, but sometimes those few inches make a big difference in project completion. Their exit slip consisted of 2 questions about their project, plus a paragraph about their character. What was their name? What did they do for work and fun? How would they want to be remembered? Most kids approached this last piece as fiction writing, but there were also a few that wrote about family members that had passed away.

What some lazy art teacher wore on Halloween. This morning the south campus bowed down to Macho Masse in all his misguided glory!

The ensemble- 
mask and belt- amazon, shirt- walmart with felt shapes added by me, cape- our household halloween stash, with red pompoms that I added, tights- amazon, shorts- ladies active wear section at target, boots- I started with an old pair of converse all star low tops and used duck tape and socks to get the desired wrestling boot height.


  1. Big congrats to some very talented (and obviously very well taught : ) 5th graders Don! These are really impressive.

  2. I'm afraid our Miss Cassie has created a monster. Do we all now need to start posting the details of each item of our daily outfits, and all the DIY we have done to create the look? Oh dear... ;)

    1. ha! get on the ball, phyl ;) i wasn't planning on doing on for a while, but i had so much fun with my halloween get up that i just had to share. "had to":)