Wednesday, October 22, 2014

masks from around the world.

Tonight at Zamo we held our annual arts and crafts around the world event and since we are so close to  Halloween, the focus was naturally on masks from around the world. 

Teachers and staff members led 9 different hands on mask activities on our campus. Zamorano has a diverse student population, so masks were inspired by many different regions/places- America, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico, Pacific Islands, Philippines, and South America. It was a wonderfully well attended event. So many kids and family members working together to create masks together. 

Our teachers did such a great job facilitating the activities. As an organizer, this was one of the smoothest, well run events that we have done in recent memory. Everything came together seamlessly to provide our school community with an engaging and fun art making experience.

Thank you to all our staff that stepped up and pitched in and thank you to all of our families that came out to spend quality time with their children!
Thank you to Ms. Vance for being a great organizing partner for this event!
Thank you to Mr. Barck for making some great signs and the awesome paper mache greeter for the event!
Thanks also goes out to our PTF for being there to recruit parents and raise money for our art program by selling t-shirts and refreshments to our attendees!

Go Zamo!

 organized chaos- typical (in a great way) this evening:)

Mr. Kasarda's Pacific Islander mask greeter:)

Mr. Barck's paper mache handiwork:)

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