Thursday, October 16, 2014

opposites together.

LAst week the 1st graders did their first line project with me. We focused on contour lines and recognizing opposites- dark & light and thick & thin. I shared a few paintings by Australian designer Rachel Castle with them and identified her use of opposites. I love her use of repeated shape and transparent veils of color in places. As we looked and identified, I added key words to the white board, so they could be used in reflection sentences at the end of the project.

Students could use any colors they wanted, as long as they gained practice pressing softly for light colors and hard for dark colors. We also talked about "medium" and added flower shapes by pressing with medium pressure as well.

I had the students rotate their paper, so that they could fill the space more and mimic how Rachel places her shapes around her compositions. We also drew flowers on  transparent paper at the end to add a little more color variety and composition interest to the pieces.

Students wrote a reflection sentence at the end of the lesson... and then got busy over at the monster block center;)


  1. Love! I follow her on IG and also Lisa Congdon has great stuff along these lines, do you follow her IG? I want to plan something with layers like that...

    1. I just discovered Rachel's work recently. love it:) i've done a couple projects based on congdon's work too. so good and SO prolific!