Tuesday, November 18, 2014

boom boom.

Parent conference week at Zamo, so I have a mixed bag of classes. I take the afternoon classes that are impacted by our minimum days and meet with them in the morning. So far, I have worked with a few 3rd grade classes and we have continued working with geometric and natural shapes with this extra time together.

I'm sharing a poster that Portland based artist and designer Dan Stiles did for the band Dr. Dog for a gig they had in Colorado earlier this year. We talked about how Dan makes a living creating all sorts of really cool projects for bands and other companies. We also talked about what a boombox was and how I had one back in the day and I would walk around my suburban neighborhood jamming to the likes of KISS, john Cougar Mellencamp, and Michael Jackson... I have always had musical tastes that were ALL OVER the map;)

We started by cutting & gluing geometric shapes to make the boombox. Then students were free to design natural shapes popping out of the antenna.

I like the way these turned out and the kids had fun with them. Quite a few put their collages on their shoulder and strutted back to the recycling bin as they were returning scrap paper:)


  1. I just found your blog through pinterest and will be a regular follower! I teach art in my home in Utah and my classes include students from ages 6 - 11, then a teen class and also some private classes in oil and watercolors. I teach and do my own art in lots of mediums! I am enjoying these projects because they are so adaptable to all the ages I teach. Thanks for the great ideas! I will comment on the lessons I use. It's really fun to hear about people benefiting from all the time it takes to blog your projects! I know because I am a new blogger at www.anikaferguson.com

  2. All your projects are so interesting with fabulous results!