Tuesday, November 4, 2014

scary symmetry.

I get to play with my kinders again this week. We are focusing on some major concepts- primary colors, geometric shapes, and symmetry. All those, while making some scary/funny creatures out of cut paper:)

The lesson starts with a quick review of how we used line to make shapes in our earlier lessons. I then introduce them to geometric shapes- I draw them on my board and they tell me what the shapes are. I draw triangles in different ways and the rectangle both vertically and horizontally and see if they still know those shapes;)

Then we look at a short video, a cool commercial really, for Stack and Scare blocks by Invisible Creature. Normally, kids can't shouldn't call out in my class, but I tell them that when they see a shape they know, to say it out loud. They kids love the video and the music, and by clocking in at just under 2 minutes, it's a sweet little hook to get them jazzed about making creatures with shapes.

For this project I have all the shapes pre-cut. Next week they are going to start working on cutting skills, but I just want them to get familiar with what they can do with these shapes this week.

When my classes come in, I already have a few cut shapes for each of them at their tables. Each of them is one of the primary colors, so I visit this right before diving in to play with our shapes. I show the classes some examples that I have done, as well as other kinders, and I emphasize that their creature can be arranged any way they like, as long as one side matches the other.

I have the students plan out/play with their shapes before doing any gluing at all. I demonstrate moving things around on mine after I have all my shapes placed. Once they are satisfied with their creature, they glue the pieces in place.

Students then add line patterns to some of their shapes, using primary color construction paper crayons.

If we have time at the end, I guide them in writing a sentence about their project.

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