Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jason answers a few questions:)

Last week the 2nd graders did abstract landscape drawings inspired by the work of Chicago based ceramicist Jason Messinger. Part of their exit slip was to write a question that they would like to ask him. I selected 5 questions and Jason was kind enough to respond to the kids:)

Here's what he had to say.

1.  What inspired you to become an artist? Amir, room 739

I've always been interested in making art - since I was a little kid.
I studied art in college, and been working as a full time professional artist since then.

2.  Why do you make your trees flat? Elsa, room 735

I wanted to reduce the complexity of the images as much as possible, but still leave them recognizable.

3.  Why do you use clay for your art? Nathan, room 43

Clay is a great medium, you can do almost anything with it. Combine it with glazes and you have a colorful material that can be turned into anything you imagine.

4.  What music do you listen to when you draw? Sophia H., room 739

I actually don't listen to music when I make art. I like to be quiet with my thoughts - or even not thinking but just being in the flow of making the artwork.

5.  What made you think of making shapes into fictional things in the outside world? Jordan, room 42

I have always been interested in the boundaries between representational artwork and pure abstraction. I wanted to explore how simple I could make images that still inspired viewers to 'read' actual things into the images.

Jason was also posted the lesson and students projects on his own blog. Thank you kindly, sir.

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