Wednesday, February 4, 2015

art reward winners!

My second art rotation with all grade levels has been in the books for a little bit, so it was about time to recognize some students that had showed excellent citizenship in art class. The names of 4 wonderful students were pulled out of my art reward bin yesterday and because of that they got to pick out an artwork that some of our awesome focus artists have donated to me over the past couple of years.

Way to go kids! Keep up the great work:)
 Jamie, 5th grader from room 62
He selected a hawk print from lab partners "California Gold" series.

 Delilah, 3rd grader from room 53
She picked a Kermit print from Thom Pastrano's "the Streets" series.

 Joven, 2nd grader from room 739
He selected a peacock print from lab partners.

 Seanna, 5th grader from room 61
She picked a Cookie Monster print from Thom's "the Streets" series.