Monday, July 12, 2010


In college I shared a 2 bedroom apartment with a rotating crew of guys over the course of a few years. Rent was cheap split 4 ways and it was right across from the school campus. When snowstorms shut the campus down, I could get to the print studio and have it to myself for hours. Bliss.

One of those guys was a student named Aaron Wexler. He's doing well for himself in New York and beyond these days, making super collages, window installations, and designs.

I was checking out his website and discovered an installation of various ribbons he did with another artist.
Project inspired!

I decided to do it with 1st graders, but it could be modified for any grade really. Instead of moncochrome, each class worked with an analogous color group. The project focuses on gluing, cutting, and looping paper.

Individually the projects look sharp, and they also are striking when gathered and dsiplayed together.

1. intro to Aaron's work, talking about unity and the skills we would use to complete the project
2. cutting a circle out of a 6" square
3. cutting another 6" square into 4 equal parts and gluing them to the cirlce- all gluing is done on the backside of the ribbon
4. gluing 12 rectangles that are about 1 & 1/2 x 9" around the circle shape.
5. after strips are glued, add glue to the inner edge and loop the far edge to it
6. gluing 8 rectangles that are larger, 2 x 12" in between the skinnier ones, then glue & loop
7. glue 3 rectangles that are 1&1/2 x 12" to the bottom of the cirlce so they hang down like the verticle part of an award ribbon
8. flip over to the good side and cut & glue a smaller circle to the center of the bigger one. i used metallic origami paper to give it a "fancy" finish

the kids really thought this was a good one. Like they got an award for doing the task- the ribbon itself

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