Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a visit to the street. part 2.

So, I decided to mix it up with the kinders today. The project was still inspired by Thom Pastrano's series of abstract Sesame Street character posters, but we did images based on a couple different characters than the ones in his series... so far.

Today we looked at Oscar and Big Bird. I showed the kids photos of the puppets and we talked about how an artist doesn't always have to make something look like it really does. We compared Thom's posters to the real deal characters and then we got started making our own.

I'm partial to the Big Bird ones, but Oscar came out cool too. Although I think he reads too much as Frankenstein when the black shape is at the top.

Great job cutting and gluing, kinder kids!


  1. i've been thinking about this all day. my son loves "adventure time" and i suppose you could do this with any recognizable cartoon character. thanks so much for sharing this idea.

    1. glad you like it. it totally can be applied to any character. aventure time would be such a hit in school too:) my son would be all over a ninjago one.

  2. oh i love these! abolutely brilliant! so easily identifiable yet so different. lucky kiddos who get to create these!