Wednesday, November 2, 2011

all star artist

This is the first of a series of twice monthly posts that features the work and words of one of our many talented student artists at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy. To be selected, students must be models of respect, engagement, and creativity in the art room. A boy and a girl will be showcased each month.

The first student to be featured is one of our talented 5th grade students, Chris Schmitt. Chris and I sat down for a few minutes and discussed art making. Here's what he had to say...

Why do you enjoy art making?
It's fun. I like to make abstract art because you can't tell what it is at first and then it comes together. I like the surprise and the trip it takes to get there.

Is there a media or technique that you enjoy most? Why?
Drawing. I like it most because I have had the most practice with it. I also like collage because you can 
make interesting art with it.

What inspires you to make art?
Other people's art. I like to use theirs as a starting point. i look at it and say, "I could add this to it...".

Out of the pieces you have done, which is your favorite and why?
I like the collage we just did (based on Georgina Hounsome's work). I like it because it is more real than the others. It's just trying to be what it's supposed to be.

Are you thinking you will pursue an art-related career? What and why?
I would like to keep the work I make instead of selling it. Money you can't be proud of, but you can be of the work you make and see.

What if you could sell copies or prints of your work?  This way, you could still have the original.
I wouldn't want to sell copies because they are fake, they are not the real thing.  

So, is there anything you would consider making to support yourself as an artist?
I would do one of a kind skateboard designs and decks. From a business perspective, I could make more from one original than a number of copies.

Great interview Chris! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me for a few minutes and keep up the great work!


  1. OMG! How old is this kid? I have read interviews with adult artists that weren't that good! My favorite comment was when he said he thought money wasn't anything to be proud of, just the work itself. So profound for a kid his age. What an awesome idea for your blog, D. Keep it comin'!


  2. I LOVED reading this interview! This is such a great feature. Chris, you are a very talented artist, and you have a great vision. Keep it up!