Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a bit more chidi.

One of my 3rd grade classes did not have the opportunity to paint last week, so I made sure they got to do it this week. I used the work of Chidi Okoye as the inspiration for this project, just as I had done with the kinder classes earlier in the week.

I showed the class a number of his paintings and we discussed his use of a wide variety of color as well as his use of abstract style in his paintings. We also revisited how you can easily create foreground and background to make an image with 3d space.

We also talked about how these abstract images could have movement in them due to Chidi's chosen types of shapes and their position in the final composition.

The drawing was directed. I gave them a demo on how to use the tempera cakes (still love them!) with water and how they could create tints of colors by adding more water and less paint.

I think the results are pretty stunning. The class did a great job with the painting and everybody got done!

Congrats to you, room 43, for staying on task and making some fantastic paintings!

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