Thursday, February 16, 2012

this girl rocks!

Our girl all star is Stephany Lopez from room 30! Stephany exhibits great focus and creativity every time she does a lesson with her class. If she finishes a project early and has a chance to free draw afterwards, she applies the lesson's skills into that piece of art as well.

I had a chance to sit down with Stephany today to ask her about her thoughts on art.

Why do you like art?
My brother Christopher (former Zamo student, too) likes to do art and he started to show me how to do things and I liked it.

Is there a media you enjoy most? Why?
Painting because you can make nice bright colors.

Are there any people that inspire you to make art?
My brother Christopher.
Way to go Chris!

Out of the pieces you have done this year, which is your favorite and why?
The whale drawing because it's under the sea and I like lots of sea creatures.

Is there a cartoon or animated movie that when you watch it, you think "wow, that just looks so cool"?
Spongebob. I like the costumes and that it takes place under the sea.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Why?
An artist.
What kind of artist? There a lots of things an artist can do.
A sculptor because it looks fun. I made a paper sculpture at my house.

Thanks for your time, Stephany! Keep up the great work. I'll make sure to plan a sculpture lesson with 2nd grade so you can try it again soon:)

This is part of a series of twice monthly posts that features the work and words of one of our many talented student artists at Zamorano Fine Arts Academy. To be selected, students must be models of respect, engagement, and creativity in the art room. A boy and a girl will be showcased each month.

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  1. Hey D,

    Tell Stephany that her whale drawing has inspired me to try that lesson with my 2nd grade classes. Thanks!