Tuesday, March 27, 2012

40 minutes? bring it!

For the rest of this week, including today, our school is on minimum day schedule due to parent conferences. I modified my schedule for the week, so that I could still meet with all the classes each day and the classroom teachers all get a breather. This leaves me with 40 minutes instead of the normal hour to do a lesson with the kiddos.

I still wanted to do a project focusing on warm and cool colors using an image by Geninne Zlatkis for inspiration, but I knew the bear and bird project could not be completed in that time frame.

I selected another, well, part of another image she made, for the students to model their drawings on. We still focused on the same elements- warm and cool colors, creating volume with color value, and pattern/texture making.

Blue Opuntia

She included a close up of the image on her blog and I decided that section would be more manageable for the students to do.

Instead of breaking out the white paint at the end to add texture and pattern, students used a superfine sharpie marker to add cactus spikes and feather patterns to their drawings.

The students are really starting to get the hang of making things look 3d by pressing hard and soft to make different values. This will be their last colored pencil project of the year and I am pleased with how much their skill levels have improved. great job 2nd grade!

Even though the drawing was pretty direct, students had independent color decisions to make. Of course numerous students added personal touches to their drawings to make them more unique as well.

The students really enjoyed looking at Geninne's work and they also liked seeing different things in the shapes of their cacti as we drew them. kind of looking at clouds and seeing different creatures and objects:)


  1. I am SO, SO honored :-) You guys did a wonderful job!

  2. These are great! Hugs from Alaska!

  3. Geninne's work is a great way to inspire all artists, young and older. I like seeing her techniques being taught to younger artists so that they have an expanded set of "tools" in their paintbox beyond paper and paint. Congrats for being an inspiration Geninne. You inspire me too.

  4. Great work. The personal touches are especially wonderful. :)