Tuesday, March 13, 2012

martha and me.

I have to hand it to Martha Stewart and her merry band of craftsters because they do come up with some pretty cool stuff.

I found this one online from one of their wedding magazines. Simple cut and folded backdrop that creates a striking visual field of color, light, and shadow. Those of you who follow this blog know how much I love this kind of decorative work. Since our school is so big, when I do these projects with a grade level it means I have 9 or 10 class sets to display. I love to see them all together!

I did this with the kinders this week. It worked well with their art standards- cutting paper to create a 3d work of art. We added an element of pattern to ours. Each of the kids contributed an 8 X 8" square to the larger classroom work of art.

Students got practice folding and we revisited different types of geometric shapes. Folding the small squares on the diagonal was tricky for some, but overall, the kids did a great job with it.