Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the slip. the pink one.

Stay positive young (er, middle aged) man...

Our school board met last night to vote on sending out preliminary layoff notices to over 1600 teachers due to a major budget deficit. They voted 5-0 to send those pink slips out by March 15. They get "finalized" 2 months after that.


Last year I was fortunate enough to not receive one, but I'm pretty darn certain that I'm getting one this year. Looking over specifics, there are 20 art positions being cut. Only 20, but that is double the number from last year, and there just aren't many of us left in the district, even one that has close to 10,000 educators.

It's hard to stay even keeled, let alone positive about the situation for myself and all the other younger educators going through this same thing.

I love my job. I love sharing the language of visual art with children and seeing what they do with it, how they develop a unique voice through their use of line, shape, and color. Not only do I love doing it, but I'm pretty darn good at it.

The rich and varied art program we have built up at my site could be effectively wiped out next year due to the drastic budget cuts heading our way.

Stay positive...

It's SO HARD on days like today.


  1. Oh man, I feel your pain. Our district went through major cuts a couple of years ago and we lost all our band and orchestra classes, so I feel like art is next on the chopping block. I will say a prayer for you and all art teachers in this situation - it's scary and infuriating. All the best.

  2. I'm so sorry to think about you facing this. We only have secondary art teachers -- it's been that way for over 40 years!! Music is all our District funds, and who knows about next year!? It's sad to think of the loss to kids. I'll hold a good thought for you and hope you are still there next year:)

  3. I am so sorry this is happening to you and your students. As a parent, I would be rioting in the streets if this happened in my district! Heck, I'd riot for you guys if I lived in the same state!
    Don't let this insanity get you down. Lots of good luck wishes your way.

  4. Stay strong! Whatever happens, you are an amazing teacher with an amazing program and the district, your school and most of all your students are lucky to have you.

  5. It is so heartbreaking what is happening in education now. I wish you all the best of luck no matter what the end result turns out to be.

  6. Terrible. That's a HUGE number of job cuts even for that number of employees. Is there a thought that some will be rehired? Keeping fingers crossed for you.

  7. You have such a strong presence at the school, it would be a tragedy if we lost you. My daughter and her first grade class adore you. One afternoon, when her teacher announced the class would be seeing YOU the next morning, the excitement (in forms of "yay!" "awesome!" "woohoo!", clapping, jumping up and down, etc...) from the kids was incredible. Chin up :)

  8. I am so sorry to hear that. You are not the only one. My district is RIF'ing 161 teachers as well, and there is a big possibility that I may be one of them.

    Best of luck.