Tuesday, May 29, 2012

beep beep!

Today the 2nd graders and I went old school.  A while back I had pinned a couple images that Dutch illustrator and animator David de Rooij used to create a fictional museum exhibit. That concept alone was pretty cool and seeing the images he chose for the non-exhibit cast them in a whole different light.

I had them look at these background stills from the old Road Runner cartoons from Looney Tunes. We talked about a lot of things, such as why the coyote never caught the dang bird and who is faster? sonic or the road runner?

We also talked about the desert setting of the cartoon landscape and how the cartoonists used light and shadow to make the settings somewhat believable.

Each class drew a different still or combination of stills to create a landscape that showed depth and volume through color, detail, and size. The students did a great job with the complexity of the source material and even though they drew the same thing there was a lot of variety in their work due to hand pressure and how fast or slow they made the different lines.

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  1. Fantastic! Great example of pulling many points together into a single fun class. the results are fab!