Wednesday, July 18, 2012

and that's a wrap!

The 5th graders all got a chance to add their personal mark on the school by adding brushloads of paint to this year's 5th grade legacy mural. It was a pleasure to work with all the kids on the wall. Some students had only been here for a year, some I remember having way back in kindergarten. It was great to hear what their plans were for the summer and where they will be going to for middle school in the fall.

Thanks to all the 5th graders for bringing a whole bunch of personality and creativity to Zamorano!

Thanks to our administration for giving me the freedom in scheduling classes during the last couple weeks of school, so that the mural could get done.

Thanks to our teachers for their support and flexibility throughout the year, but in particular, during these past couple of weeks.

We've got two more days of school, so let me leave you with pics of the completed mural by our Zamo kids:)


  1. Looks amazing, congrats. I cannot believe you are still in school - I start back in 2 weeks!!!

    1. thanks hope! can't wait to see what you'll be cookin up at the beginning of the year with your kiddos:)

  2. sooo cool! the students must have been really happy with it too : )