Thursday, August 23, 2012

summer's almost gone.

I always have grand plans to update the blog at least a few times throughout the 6 weeks of summer vacation and I always come up short on that goal.

I head back to Zamo for 3 days of prep next week and then the kiddos come back after labor day.

Break was great. I got to spend more time with my wife and 2 kids. We went back east to visit family. The kids were in the water a lot. The missus and I are heading to a music festival up in Monterey tomorrow.

Oh, and I am thisclose to finishing my biggest mural yet. It's at a middle school in our district right next to the San Diego Zoo. I'm hoping to get invited back to do more:) I'm really pleased with the amount of work I have gotten done in 2 weeks. The patterned background went quite quickly. And for not doing much portraiture in recent years, or pretty much ever, the portraits look pretty good too.

Here's a few pics for you.
See y'all next week when I get back to my mess of a classroom:)

My compass.

All the medallions will have text around them like this. There are 10 traits of the international baccalaureate school. I have two more words to go, then onto touchups.

*****Here is a pic of the almostalmostfinished wall. I just need to touch up the beige in the medallions and get rid of the white stripes in the "knowledgeable" one.


  1. Fantastic mural! I'm amazed you were able to do so much in 2 weeks.Enjoy the music festival in Monterey - sounds idyllic!

  2. Okay, 1.Going to Monterey for the music festival? JEALOUS....2. Dude, you have MAD skills. I really like the mural and I hope you are being compensated handsomely!


  3. It looks great! Did you do the design as well? I love it.