Monday, December 3, 2012

some shiny flowers.

A few weeks ago, I worked with the 1st graders on a clay project that was inspired by the fabulously textured and glazed ceramic pieces by Charity Hofert.

The first three 1st grade classes got to glaze their clay flowers last week. I had to wait the whole weekend to see what they turned out like:(

Today I cracked open the kiln and got to see these.

Upon closer inspection, they looked like this.

Some of the texture patterns showed up better than others, but in each piece you can see that the kids worked the surface of each piece they shaped. 

Five more classes need to glaze their flowers. I decided to have each class work with an analogous color scheme, or as I tell them, a color family. The kids selected one clay layer for each of the 3 colors in the family they were working with. The final step, was to lightly sponge a fourth color onto one of their layers to give the piece just a little more visual variety.

Once all the classes are done glazing, I would love to install them temporarily as a group installation somewhere. I plan on contacting some local businesses to see if they would help us put on a show near our school.

I think a flower field that had a natural flow to it would look pretty cool.

I played on the floor for a few minutes today:) 

Once again, our first graders have impressed me. Thanks for the inspiration, Charity.

I'll post more pics when all the classes are done.


  1. beauties! i went on aoe to nominate you and saw you had received many noms... well-deserved.

    1. thanks hope! it's been really fun doing a clay project with my students. for as long as i've been at zamo we had a clay instructor. the position was cut this year, so one of the other teachers and i are splitting up the grade levels so all grades still work with clay.

  2. Love these....will definitely try these with my juniors! I have recently done a lot of clay projects if yr interested in coming and having a look :-)

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  4. Question: did you sponge the leather hard rough edges after they finished?