Wednesday, February 6, 2013

flying hearts

So, I decided to switch kinder projects after the first day of Britto drawings? Why? Because I thought there were too many steps with too many materials. The results were interesting enough, but clean up was a pain.

So, like I said, I switched it up... for a collage. Oy.

I thought the new project would be simple enough. I shared an image by the Portugese illustrator and designer, Joao da Camara Leme (1930-1984).

Students identified what was in the image first- the subject, the shapes, and colors. I mentioned how Joao used simple shapes to create this image. I then shared my modified version of this image, with hearts replacing the diamonds and kites. 

We started by making the body. We drew rectangles and one triangle on a colored sheet. We then cut it out. Glued it on to our white paper. We then made the heart kites. Just as in the Britto project, I modeled how a heart is made with a "V" and a "3".

The kids did okay with the body shape. When it came to the hearts, many kids struggled. Not so much with our big one, but with the couple smaller ones I asked them to do as well. It was an exercise in patience for all of us:) I modeled many times how they needed to turn the paper as they cut the shape out to make it easier.

Once that was done we added a circle shape for the head and left over bits for hands. Students then added kite string, face details, and patterns to their kites and kids. Many students failed to recover from the struggle they had with the hearts and rushed through the patterning part.

There were, of course, some entertaining results. If I were to do this one again though, it would be with easier kite shapes, or with hearts pre-cut for the students.


  1. This is soooo cute. I love it.

  2. The illustrative quality is perfecto!

  3. Tough as it was, they are so cute! That top one with the hair covering one eye is priceless! I like that you make such original artist choices.

  4. I think it is a very cute lesson!